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Yeah, there s also nothing better than finding another person who shares your gluten allergy, appreciates your artisan granola recipe, still respects you when you show up in Tevas and believes fairies should be the only ones allowed to vaccinate children. Currently, no other dating website exists that matches couples based on a mutual love for outdoor activity. In a way, this somewhat-limited scope allows people to present the most honest version of themselves which is oftentimes a self covered in blood and chalk because they just got back from scaling a steep granite wall like a fucking human spider.

"Meet LuvByrd, the most Colorado-y dating site of all time" Rooster Magazine!

Colorado is perfect for a site like Luvbyrd, Keshian said. It s been waiting for a something like this because Colorado is one of the most active and adventurous states in the country.

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People here really take advantage of what Colorado offers. In today s deluge of ultra-specific dating sites, LuvByrd is technically just one of the pack.

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But when you consider how many Coloradans have nature pulsating through their vascular system, it begins to stand out. The site s still relatively new, so there are no metrics that explain whether this dating model is successful or not yet, and no one s saying you ll find your soulmate solely based on a shared interest in fly fishing or heli-skiing, but you re also not going to find them at last call at the bar either. Cupid is busy this time of year. Shooting arrows at twenty-somethings who text each other across the table is such a waste.

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What happened to conversation? What happened to romance?

Where are the grownups? Dating after 40, or edging toward 50 and 60, can be a scary proposition. Is the man still the one who initiates a date? Or can the woman ask him out? Who pays for lunch or dinner—or do they split the check?

"Meet LuvByrd, the most Colorado-y dating site of all time" Rooster Magazine! | LuvByrd

Face-to-face conversation or texting like idiots? If people are paying for the right to view and contact other singles, maybe that's the best way to go. For those of you who are professionals and are looking for other professionals to date, this may be the site you have been looking for.

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Most members are college graduates and have high incomes. A great site whether you are seeking something permanent or more casual. The app for your phone works well and also works well in putting it together with other sites.

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Zoosk has a check it out free option. For those seeking only a serious relationship, this is a site you may want to check out. For those singles 50 and over, this is the site for you.