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They like her for herself. So I don't think it's quite the same situation as with kdw there.

I've seen release dates changed as close as a couple days in advance. It's not like western films, where the release date is set in stone months before. That surprised me, but it seems to be possible in the smaller domestic market. What I mean is, there could be various promo things that seem to spring up on short notice, more than you'd expect in a larger movie market. I do think it would make sense to have more promo time for this one than GS.

It's just a bigger film. They spent more money on it, it's a bigger genre I mean, costumes! Not that a person can't see TWO movies in one summer, you know? I mean, if you saw one and loved it, you might want to go back and see another? But they are still competing, too Hmm, she does not look uncomfortable to me during the GS promo.

Another reason is her independence. Not looking good for my ship then lol. Seriously, I agree that she was just trying to behave. I think the blind date comment was in answer to a question they asked her in the interview: They asked her things like, did you ever skip school? General stuff like that. I don't think there was any kind of time frame attached to it at all.

Just, has this ever happened before? The same person did an interview with Park Shin Hye a short time later, with almost the same questions. I know they hadn't seen HJ's most recent work in that country when she did the interview--HJ seemed ready and interested in talking about it, but as it hadn't aired, there was nothing to be said. So my feeling was that they were more general questions. Agree that I hope she is strong enough to not care about stupid reactions to dating rumors.

I mean--that kind of thing is a choice people have a right to make on their own, not because fans pressured them into or out of what they really wanted. And honestly, there is no shame in dating someone? It's a perfectly normal thing for members of the human race to fall in love with someone and want to be with them But I can also see maybe wanting to avoid getting thousands of hate messages a day, too I mean, that is a little on the extreme side All fandoms have scary, obsessive fans.

In international fandoms you also have scary, obsessive shipper fans, Hyojoo herself has been the receiver of hate from fans of rival ships. My point is let us not single out a particular actor's fandom. As for me, am just gonna be here playfully pairing her with good looking actors.


No more shipping i might continue if i get my strength back lmao. But her and kdw will be more scandalous lmao. But all these isnt enough to stop hyo from dating. He needs a push. Like someone asking him out or sumthing like that. Dude said he liked relationships where everything comes about naturally but i still dont know what that means.

While Hyo seems like she wants to be chased.

Han Hyo Joo And Seo Do young

SEOUL, May 28 Yonhap -- Summer is typically the peak season for the Korean film industry, the time when roughly one quarter of all moviegoers hit theaters. Major distributors have already competed fiercely to set the best timing for their new release. Last year, "A Taxi Driver" about the Gwangju pro-democracy uprising was the most-viewed movie of the summer, drawing more than 10 million views.

At the same time, "The Battleship Island," one of the most anticipated films of the year, was a box-office flop while "Midnight Runners" was a surprise sensation with more than 5 million views. Here is a list of this summer's five most anticipated Korean films. Along With the Gods 2 Tentative title. The Two Worlds," the second-most-viewed film of all time in South Korea seen by Directed by Kim Yong-hwa, the first installment of the two-part series was about a righteous firefighter played by Cha Tae-hyun who is judged in seven hells for 49 days after his death, guided by three grim reapers played by Ha Jung-woo, Ju Ji-hoon and Kim Hyang-gi.

Part two, set to open in early August, has actor Ma Dong-seok as Seongju God House Guardian God helping people in addition to the three main characters. The film will be released by Lotte Entertainment.

Lee Jong Suk Fun Facts:

The sci-fi thriller is a Korean live-action adaptation from the Japanese animated film masterpiece "The Wolf Brigade" by Hiroyuki Okiura. Set in the distant future where South and North Korea agree to launch a unified government, the movie features confrontation between an anti-reunification terrorist group called "Sect" and a special police unit formed to stop them.

Gang Dong-won plays Im Joong-kyung, an officer assigned to quell the terrorists and Han Hyo-joo plays Lee Yoon-hee, elder sister of "the girl in red cape" who detonates a suicide bomb right in front of Im's eyes. Jung Woo-sung appears as Jang Jin-tae, chief of the training camp for the police unit. Directed by Yoon Jong-bin of "Nameless Gangster: Drug King and Changgwol Tentative title. Led by Song Kang-ho and Bae Doona, the new film is based on the true story of Lee Doo-sam, a drug dealer in Busan who was infamous in the s.

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Hoping for the best. This is apparently them. Reinvestigate Han Hyo Joo's younger brother's case! In , her younger brother allegedly bullied a fellow soldier to the point where the soldier committed suicide. People are presuming the case reported on 'Unanswered Questions' is the alleged case involving her brother. When a soldier's death was first reported, people thought it was an accident until it was reported that it's highly more likely that the other soldiers the bullies caused his death - he literally had bruises all over his body, the bruises were so bad that the doctors told the parents that they've never seen anything this bad before.

They allegedly slapped him across the face, kicked him, made him lick phlegm from the floor and eat vomit, punished him to do squats, forced him to eat toothpaste, observed him so that he couldn't sleep, would purposely poke the places that he said was hurting, etc. The general public believes that her agency covered up anything that related her to her younger brother's case and are suspicious of Han Hyo Joo and her family because her father is a high ranking individual in the military. You can read more about this case that was featured on 'Unanswered Question' here - X.

Google searches and what not and it's a incident where they turned Private Kim into a mental patient. The show's really respected for the reports they do, they also did one on the Sewol Ferry sinking.