Good Causes Corp invites citizens to make a difference through an inspiring and fun engagement platform.
We empower and promote communities, influencers and changemakers.


Our Non-Profit partners can find an exciting new method to achieve discoverability, engage audiences and encourage donations and volunteers.  Our platform will link our members directly to your site for all donations

Our P2I platform will showcase organizations, large and small, every day…and match-make them with our players through a gamified system that brings the fun back to giving and supporting your cause.

P2I is the perfect vehicle for exposure and engagement - especially with younger audiences who will appreciate our gamified approach and community building.

Every week we showcase organizations like yours – front and center through our App to draw attention to your cause.

But join us now as time is running out and featured space is limited.



Our Platform is only open to US-registered 501(c)3 non-profits or social enterprises and fiscally sponsored organizations.

1Provide us brief information on your organization with the form below.

2We will contact you with our participant's on-boarding check list. Just fill it in and we do the rest.

3Approve your organization profile and sign our Terms of Agreement.

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